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Privacy Policy and Ts and Cs

We are committed to protecting your personal data by providing a secure website with best practice policies on Data Protection.  We do not share your personal data with anyone else. 


What Information Do We Collect:

We collect the following information:-


Google Analytics Cookies:

We use Google Analytics to review our website. This lets us see information such as number of visitors, how long they stay on the site and what pages they have viewed.   Google Analytics does not provide any personally identifiable information about you.  In order to run Google Analytics we use a Cookie: this is a small piece of software that loads in your browser. This will log your site visit and the pages visited.  Google Analytics will store your IP Address and also records the pages you visit on our website and other information which is not personally identifiable to you. For more information on google analytics please go to  https://www.google.co.uk/analytics 


Enquiries & Feedback:

When you make an enquiry or feed back using the forms on this website, we store this information for a while so that we can effectively deal with the enquiry or feedback request.   When we have dealt with the enquiry or feedback we will then delete your personal details e.g. name, email address, telephone number etc. 


As a fail-safe we have also built in an automatic deletion system. This will automatically delete your personal details after 12 months, unless you have ticked the opt-in box so that you can be kept up to date with news and promotions. 


My Right to Be Forgotten

If you choose, you have the right to have personal information about you deleted. You can do this by emailing us at therapy@lismenary.co.uk and we will delete your personal details from our system

Client Stories
  • "I have suffered for a long time and struggled to see a way forward until I met with Elizabeth. In my first session I could hardly speak I was feeling that low and lost. Elizabeth guided me back to a safe and comforting space and put little steps in place to help me not get overwhelmed. Elizabeth has been incredible, and I have left every session feeling heard, calm and with a newly formed focus on how to make a difference. I cannot recommend her enough. Hands down the best therapist I have...
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What to Expect

If somebody won’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.
I will listen as you describe your worries to me, then I will help you find ways to overcome these problems.

"If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness."


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